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MENZER Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Innovative multi-cyclone separation system
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Incl. extensive accessories
from £225.00
  • Professional wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Fully automated filter cleaning
  • Auto-start feature for sanders
  • Electronic fill level monitoring
from £400.00
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MENZER Industrial vacuum cleaners – a clean solution

The MENZER Company was founded in 2011 and is known for its innovative sanding and suction technology as well as for its abrasive materials especially for treating wooden surfaces and dry walls. Along with sanding tools, MENZER offers industrial vacuum cleaners and wet and dry cleaners for professional and private use.

Suction technology for professional and private use – MENZER industrial vacuum cleaners

MioTools.co.uk has assembled for you highly powerful MENZER industrial vacuum cleaners, ideal for dry wall construction: The compact MENZER VC 760 industrial vacuum cleaner is a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The multi-cyclone allows for permanently efficient filter maintenance - for a continuous work without changing the filter. The machine has an outlet for connecting other electrical tools. The MENZER industrial vacuum cleaner can be used as a wet vacuum cleaner and is equipped with an electronic filling-level meter so you can always keep track of the absorbed amount of fluids.

The MENZER VC 790 PRO is the ideal solution for professional dry wall construction, where constant absorption power is a must. The efficient filter maintenance is completely automatic. It thus becomes possible to absorb great amounts of fine dust without interrupting work. This relief cannot be underestimated everywhere where great amounts of dust need to be removed. The MENZER industrial vacuum cleaner can be easily transformed into a wet vacuum cleaner for comfortably removing wet debris and water. An electronic meter monitors the filling level and switches the machine off automatically when it is full. The MENZER industrial vacuum cleaner disposes of an additional outlet with an automatic start/ stop mechanism for connecting other tools. The vacuum cleaner can now be remote-controlled though an external electronic device.

We deliver the vacuum cleaners complete with all accessories – from floor nozzles and tube adapters up to a reusable fleece filter bags – fleecall ready-to-use.