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MENZER thunder pad
Ø 406 mm / nylon

Thunder Pad made from high-quality nylon, suitable for orbital floor sanders, single-disc sanders

  • High quality MENZER Thunderpads Ø 406 mm
  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Ideal for intensive, basic and maintenance cleaning
2–4 working days
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MENZER thunder pad, Ø 406 mm / nylon

Technical Data
Ø 406 mm
Without perforation
20 mm
Hook & Loop
Suitable Machines et al.
  • Bona: Buffer, FlexiSand 1.5
  • FG: Orkan
  • Lägler: Single
  • MENZER: ESM 406
  • Wolff: Flamenco, Jive, Mambo EVO, Samba, Tango
  • High quality MENZER Thunderpads for single disc sanders
  • For removing smaller scratches, wax or chemical residue: ideal for cleaning / ideal for concrete, screed, terracotta and marble floor mirror finishes
  • Stable nylon material with diamond segments; abrasive material
  • Ideal for intensive, basic and maintenance cleaning
  • Thickness: 20 mm
Field of Application
Cleaning: For cleaning of light stains, marks and scratches; optimally suited for basic cleaning and preparing the daily maintenance cleaning.
Daily use: For daily maintenance cleaning, sanding pattern: ultra high-gloss polished.
Cleaning: For the removal of light stains, marks and scratches; also ideal for basic cleaning and preparation of the daily maintenance, sanding pattern: satin finished.
Daily use: Particularly applicable for the first step and as a basis for routine cleaning, sanding pattern: polished.
Daily use: Best used for the second step of the routine cleaning, sanding pattern: high polished.
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