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MENZER Ultranet®, G40–400
Ø 115 mm / fused aluminium oxide

Ultranet® made from high-quality fused aluminium oxide, suitable for random orbital sanders

  • High quality MENZER-Ultranet® sanding meshes Ø 115 mm
  • Hook & Loop mechanism
  • Very high abrasion rate for precise sanding result

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MENZER Ultranet®, G40–400, Ø 115 mm / fused aluminium oxide

Technical Data
Ø 115 mm
Hook & Loop
Fused Aluminium Oxide
Field of Application
Paint, Lacquer
Plaster, Screed
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  • High quality MENZER sanding grits for eccentric sanders
  • Ultranet® - THE innovation by MENZER. Highly pervious sanding meshes for dustfree sanding
  • Ideal for interior work: especially for sanding paint, lacquer, plaster, filler, wood and plastic.
  • Very high abrasion rate for a precise sanding result
  • Fast replacement of sanding meshes due to hook & loop mechanism
  • Bosch: PEX 115, PEX 11A, PEX 11AE
  • Einhell: EX 115
  • Fein: FMM 250 Q, FMM 350 Q, FMT 250 Q, MultiMaster
  • Kress: CPS 6115-1, CPS 6115-E
  • Peugeot: PAE 115
  • Skil: 7415
  • Stayer: LRT 115

MENZER Ultranet: The low-dust, high-performance sanding mesh

MENZER Ultranet® is a particularly low-dust abrasive. Thanks to the extremely open mesh structure and the large-pored hook & loop layer, sanding dust can be removed completely and highly efficiently. The abrasive grain of MENZER Ultranet® consists of white fused aluminium oxide, which is extremely hard and sharp. This offers very high abrasion and a long service life.

MENZER Ultranet:  The low-dust, high-performance sanding mesh

Economical and strong in abrasion

In combination, the unique mesh structure, the special hook & loop layer and the fused aluminium oxide grit type ensure the long service life and precise sanding results of MENZER Ultranet®. The abrasive is available for drywall sanders, random orbital sanders, delta sanders and orbital sanders.

Economical and strong in abrasion