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MENZER Ultranet®, G40–400
Ø 225 mm / fused aluminium oxide

Ultranet® made from high-quality fused aluminium oxide, suitable for drywall sanders

  • High quality MENZER-Ultranet® sanding meshes Ø 225 mm
  • Hook & Loop mechanism
  • Very high abrasion rate for precise sanding result

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MENZER Ultranet®, G40–400, Ø 225 mm / fused aluminium oxide

Technical Data
Ø 225 mm
Hook & Loop
Fused Aluminium Oxide
Field of Application
Paint, Lacquer
Plaster, Screed
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  • High quality MENZER sanding meshes for long-neck sanders and drywall sanders
  • Ultranet® - THE innovation by MENZER. Highly pervious sanding meshes for dustfree sanding
  • Ideal for interior work: especially for sanding paint, lacquer, plaster, filler, wood and plastic.
  • Very high abrasion rate for a precise sanding result
  • Fast replacement of sanding discs due to hook & loop mechanism
  • Arebos: Arebos
  • eibenstock: ELS 225.1, ETS 225, EWS 225
  • Festo / Festool: Planex
  • Flex: GE 5, GE 5 R, GSE 5 R, WSE 500, WST 700 VV, WST 700 VV Plus, WST 700 VV Vario, WST 700 VV Vario Plus
  • Lux: TBS 600, TBS 600 B
  • MENZER: LHS 225, LHS 225 AV, LHS 225 PRO, LHS 225 PRO VARIO, LHS 225 VARIO, LHS 225 VARIO AV, TBS 225, TBS 225 AV, TBS 225 PRO, TSW 225, TSW 225 AV, TSW 225 PRO
  • Matrix: DWS 1200, DWS 600-1, DWS 710
  • Metabo: LSV 5-225, LSV 5-225 Comfort
  • Skil: Masters 7520 MA
  • Scheppach: DS200, DS210, DS900, DS920, DS930
  • Storch: Spider, Spider S, Spider XS
  • Timbertech: TBSLF02 710 W, TBSLF06 750 W
  • Varo / Powerplus: POWX04760, POWX0477, POWX0478
  • vidaXL: Langhalsschleifer Rot 750 W

MENZER Ultranet: The low-dust, high-performance sanding mesh

MENZER Ultranet® is a particularly low-dust abrasive. Thanks to the extremely open mesh structure and the large-pored hook & loop layer, sanding dust can be removed completely and highly efficiently. The abrasive grain of MENZER Ultranet® consists of white fused aluminium oxide, which is extremely hard and sharp. This offers very high abrasion and a long service life.

MENZER Ultranet:  The low-dust, high-performance sanding mesh

Economical and strong in abrasion

In combination, the unique mesh structure, the special hook & loop layer and the fused aluminium oxide grit type ensure the long service life and precise sanding results of MENZER Ultranet®. The abrasive is available for drywall sanders, random orbital sanders, delta sanders and orbital sanders.

Economical and strong in abrasion