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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners and suction technology – the right tool for every job

MioTools.co.uk offers high performance industrial cleaners by MENZER for private and professional use. We have the right machine type for all your demands – from backpack vacuum cleaners up to wet and dry cleaners. MioTools.co.uk delivers high quality industrial vacuum cleaners and suction technology on excellent conditions.

Maintenance professionals for dry wall construction

Our industrial vacuum cleaners have been especially optimized for dry wall construction and in combination with sanding machines allow for a nearly dust free work environment. The development of dust and dirt particles constitutes one of the most important health hazards in dry wall construction. This is why longneck sanders and dry wall sanders are connected to industrial vacuum cleaners for reducing dust development.

MENZER industrial vacuum cleaners: specialists and all-rounders for painting and dry wall construction

MENZER VC 760 and MENZER VC 790 PRO industrial vacuum cleaners were developed especially for professional and constant use in dry wall cleaning. The completely automatic filter maintenance system allows for absorbing fine dust without work interruption and on a constantly elevated suction performance. Thanks to this innovative system, the filter does not need to be manually cleaned. The dirt particles move to a filter box that can be emptied easily.

MENZER industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for absorbing fine dust as well as for removing coarser dirt particles and water. The impact-resistant plastic container can hold between 25 and 35 liters and effortlessly retains great quantities of dirt. With a large array of accessories, the cleaners can be easily transformed for wet cleaning. We deliver the industrial vacuum cleaners complete with all accessories – from tube adapters and floor nozzles up to fleece filter bags.

A quick overview of the advantages of the MENZER professional cleaners:

  • MENZER industrial vacuum cleaners convince with their innovative filter technology and great ease of use.
  • Self-cleaning filters allow for a constantly elevated suction performance and help absorbing large quantities of fine dust without work interruption.
  • Their robust frame convinces with user-friendliness and a long service life.
  • The MENZER VC 760 and MENZER VC 790 PRO are universally applicable as wet and dry cleaners – for absorbing dust and liquids.

Class M industrial vacuum cleaners – the ideal cleaning solution for health hazardous dust types

Health hazardous dust types develop during sanding that can provoke coughing, asthma or bronchitis. Only high quality industrial vacuum cleaners are reliable enough to efficiently remove such dust.

Following the international EC 60 335-2-69 norm, dust is classified into three different types: L, M and H. The Employers Liability Insurance Association will inform you about which dust type can develop at your specific work place. Dust types are distinguished using so called MAK values that assign the maximum legal concentration at a workplace (in mg/m³) that does not lead to health problems even in case of long term exposure. The lower the MAK value, the more dangerous the dust type.

Classification of industrial vacuum cleaners

  • Dust class L: Nonhazardous dust types such as sand, cement, earth or pebble stone
  • Dust class M: Mineral dust types as well as birch, beech, oak and fir wood dust
  • Dust class H: Health hazardous dust types such as asbestos, mineral fibers, glass wool, mould or minerals containing silica