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Longneck Sanders

Buy longneck sanders at optimal conditions on MioTools.co.uk

MioTools.co.uk offers high performance and quality MENZER and FLEX longneck sanders. Longneck sanders are universally applicable and greatly facilitate dry wall construction, painting or renovating work. These sanding tools – also called sanding giraffes or wall and ceiling sanders – are indispensible for treating gypsum cardboard or performing dry wall construction.

MENZER longneck sanders: Real experts on dry wall construction

MENZER developed two product lines in order to perfectly meet its customers’ requirements: The high quality PRO LINE offers the best equipment for your professional life. The BASE LINE was specifically developed for do-it-yourself purposes and the wide skill range handyman. With this product range, MENZER can always offer you the right solution for all dry wall construction concerns.

The MENZER LHS 225 PRO and MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO longneck sanders are equipped with a high-performance engine allowing for long uninterrupted use (MENZER LongLife Technology). You can comfortably reach nine feet high surfaces and ceilings without using scaffolding or ladders. The length variation range between 1,550 mm and 1,950 mm of the MENZER LHS 225 PRO VARIO allows for relaxed working in a healthy upright position.

The BASE Line longneck sanders such as the MENZER LHS 225 and the MENZER LHS 225 VARIO convince by their long service life and user-friendliness. The direct drive at the sander’s head piece provides optimal power transmission and guarantees for an even sanding result. By removing the sanding head tip you can further easily sand right up to the borders. The 6 holes perforated sanding plate combined with an efficient suction system permits for dust reduced working. The initial package contains over 20.00 € worth of abrasives, ranging from sanding discs to sanding meshes.

Which sanding discs fit my longneck sander?

Customary longneck sanders use 225 mm diameter sanding discs. The FLEX WST 700 VV Plus sanding giraffe needs 290 x 250 mm abrasives due to its special triangle sanding head with 12 hole perforation. The non-perforated 225 mm sanding discs are universally applicable for all machines such as MENZER, FLEX, Eibenstock or Festool.

The abrasives on MioTools.co.uk have a hook and loop system which permits their easy and rapid replacement. We offer you all customary perforation types (6-hole, 9-hole 10-hole and 19-for). For MENZER longneck sanders we recommend 6 hole perforated sanding discs, whereas Flex usually employs a 10 hole perforation for its Classic-Giraffes.

The appropriate grain type strongly depends on the respective requirements of the specific sanding endeavor at hand: for treating paint, varnish or body filler, we recommend regular corundum or corundum and stearate abrasives. For working on soft materials, abrasives with stearate coating are ideal. The abrasives’ surface clots much slower with dust or paint particles because of the zinc and stearate coating.

MENZER uses special fused corundum for its MENZER Ultranet® since it allows for an especially dust free work environment and excels due to its high durability and service life. Along with special fused corundum, semi-friable aluminum oxide sanding discs are also employed for treating hard varnish or paint. Silicon carbide sanding discs stand out due to their extremely sharp edged crystalline structure and are ideal for sanding hard or resistant surfaces such as old varnish or spackle mass.