Ordering & FAQ

Change Password

To change your password, please log in to your user account. In the main menu of your user account, you'll find the item "Personal info" under which there is a link to "Change your password". Enter your current password and your desired new password, and then click on "Save changes".

How does the shopping cart work?

When you click on the "Add to my shopping cart" button next to an item, that product will be marked for purchasing. However, this is non-binding and does not yet constitute a sale. You may click the "My shopping cart" button to see the items you have marked for purchasing and, if necessary, can remove one by clicking on the "Remove item" button. When you are finished browsing and would like to pay for the items you have selected, click on the button "Go to checkout".

How do I register?

After you have selected your desired products and clicked on "Go to checkout", you have the opportunity to register your own personal customer account. If you do so, you will be prompted for information. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled out. Opening your free customer account with us gives you a number of benefits. You can place subsequent orders without having to re-enter your address and, in addition, you can see records of your previous orders, re-order past shopping cart selections, and redeem rebate and credit vouchers.

When do I commit to an order?

On the order page, you have the opportunity to review your order. Each step in the ordering process is concluded when you click on the "Next step" button. Only by clicking on the "Place order" button do you commit to your order. If you wish at any time to abort the ordering process, simply close your browser window. Each page in the ordering process contains further information - for example, on how to correct your order.

Is the contract text saved?

Yes, we save the text of the contract. The general terms and conditions will be sent to you via e-mail along with an overview of your order. If you register a user account, you can also access overviews of your past orders there. If you would like to read, print or save our general terms & conditions, you'll find them here. Furthermore you'll find our privacy policy here.

How do I acquire Trusted Shops buyer protection?

As a Trusted Shops member, we offer you the additional service of Trusted Shops buyer protection. All you need to do is register during the ordering process. This money-back guarantee protects you in case of failed delivery, failed refunding of returned items, and credit card fraud. Find more details at www.trustedshops.co.uk