Services & Information

Here you'll find information about the services we offer you. Please note: All products in our shop are subject to legal warranty rights.

Return items easily

If it should happen that you are, for any reason at all, not completely satisfied with an item, don’t worry, sending items back is easy.

Our products fulfill the highest quality standards; of that we have no doubt. For that reason, we grant our business customers the same rights to return items that private customer are granted. If the products you've ordered do not completely fulfill your expectations, or if you find them to be flawed, damaged or defective in any way, that you may return the items.

Professional consultation

Do you have a question regarding one of our products? Simply give us a call! Our professional advisors will answer any and all questions you might have about sanding or grinding walls and ceilings.

You can reach us Monday to Thursday between 7 AM and 3 PM, Friday 7 AM to 1 PM at the number +44 121 36 80 09 0.

Repair Service

If one of your tools breaks, don’t worry. The manufacturer will repair it for you - quickly and reliably.

The power tools we offer fulfill the highest quality standards. If, however, repairs do become necessary, MENZER offers quick and reliable repair services, regardless of whether or not the item to be repaired is still under warranty. Simply click on this link and quickly fill out the form, provided that the machine in question is a MENZER.

MENZER Manufacturer's warranty

MENZER tools offer impressive performance, quality and reliability. MENZER has therefore increased the statutory warranty of all products to a manufacturer's warranty.
The warranty conditions of MENZER GmbH apply, which you can read here in the original: