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Sanding Paper
Equipment manufacturer

Buy reasonably priced sanding paper for all customary sanding machines

MioTools.co.uk offers high quality sanding paper for all customary types of sanding machines – such as Einhell and Festool or MENZER. In our selection you will find sandpaper for nearly all sanding purposes, of various grain types and grit sizes. All MioTools.co.uk sanding paper is equipped with a hook and loop system for a fast and efficient work process.

Sandpaper: Their basic build up

MioTools.co.uk sanding paper stands out due to their high quality treatment and well above average service life. In addition to special grain types and grit sizes, other factors also contribute to their unique quality:

  • Supporting material: We only use high quality supports such as paper, cotton fabrics or polyester reinforced materials. Sanding paper is very pliable and therefore chiefly employed in manual work steps. When sanding with a machine however, textile fabrics are employed due to their elevated strain resistance.
  • Binding agents: Binding agents attach the sanding grains to their respective supporting material. MioTools.co.uk Abrasives rely on synthetic resin based binding agents in order to guarantee the highest quality and stability possible.
  • Sanding grains: Depending on the material to be treated, one needs to choose the right grain type. We guarantee to supply the ideal size, hardness and shape of sanding grain for any imaginable sanding endeavor. The regular spacing of the grains always leads to a very even sanding result.
  • Hook and loop system: Sanding processes usually require the employment of many different grain types. The hook and loop system allows for a fast and easy, timesaving replacement of sanding paper for better economic feasibility.

Coarse or fine – how to choose the right grid size

All sanding paper is categorized according to their grit sizes – coarse, medium fine or very fine. The grit size depends on the number of meshes per square inch: the higher the number of meshes the finer the grain size and the smaller the abrasion rate on the respective material.

  • Coarse G16 - G36: Coarse grid size sanding paper is used for primary sanding of wooden surfaces. Asperities are removed and surfaces rectified. Coarse grain sizes are suitable for renovation, for removing wallpaper and glue.
  • Medium G36 - G80: Medium grid sizes are a used for light material abrasion, such as basic grinding jobs and straightening wooden surfaces.
  • Fine G100 - G180: Fine grid sizes are applied for preparing raw wood surfaces for waxing and oiling.
  • Very fine +K220: Very fine grid sizes are used for finishing jobs and polishing primed and varnished surfaces.

We offer sanding paper in different materials and grit sizes as well as for different machine types:

Properties of the different grain types

In order to meet all possible requirements, we offer sanding paper of different grain types: Regular corundum abrasive grains stand out due to their exceptional robustness and durability. The material is applied universally – from wood treatment to rough grinding and finishing of work pieces. Semi-friable corundum is tougher than fused corundum and suitable for treating hard wood, varnish, paint and Plexiglas.

Fused corundum possesses a large percentage of aluminum oxide and stands out due to its highly elevated sandpaper performance. We for example use this grain type for the MENZER Ultranet®: The sanding mesh is universally applicable and guarantees for perfect dust removal. Aluminous zircon is a mixture of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. Aluminous zircon abrasives are used for treating hard woods.

The synthetic silicon carbide is extremely tough. Sanding paper equipped with this sharp-edged grain is used for treating hard and resistant material such as ceramic and mineral substances. The abrasive rate and lifespan of ceramic sandpaper is very elevated. Because of the material’s aggressive sanding properties, it’s a perfect choice for working on large hard wood surfaces.