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Abrasive paper for various tools and areas of application

MioTools offers an extensive selection of low priced, high-quality abrasives for all common drywall sanders, on the market, as well as sandpaper for delta sanders, sandpaper for random orbital sanders or sandpaper for hand sanders. You can choose between high-quality material MENZER sanding discs, sanding meshes and sanding sheets and our own-brand MioTools. All abrasives feature outstanding service life and exceptional abrasive performances.

Buying MioTools abrasives – finding the right sanding paper for every surface

For obtaining an ideal sanding result you do not only need a powerful sanding machine, but also the matching sanding-paper. MioTools offers high-quality, low priced abrasives for every type of sanding procedure. Depending on whether you wish to treat metal or wood, you can buy the appropriate sanding paper right here in our online shop. The brands MENZER and MioTools offer sanding discs of different perforation types for every sanding machine.

We offer abrasives for:

Random orbital sanders, drywall sanders, wood, plastic – abrasives for every purpose

It is important to choose the right abrasive for the purpose you have in mind. MioTools offers abrasives optimised for various areas of use and of different properties:

  • Grain type: The choice of grain type depends on the material you wish to treat – wood, stone, paint, metal plastics or glass.
  • Gradation: From roughing to polishing purposes, MioTools offers all types of gradation for abrasives.

Zirconia alumina, aluminium oxide, fused aluminium oxide – which grain to choose for my abrasive paper

MioTools offers you abrasive paper of different grain types, optimized for the demands of your individual sanding projects. Our grain types principally vary in robustness and toughness.

Aluminium oxide
  • Very tough and robust
  • All-purpose abrasive
  • Recommended for: treating wood (from general abrasion to finishing), sanding paint, varnish or spattling compound
Semi-friable aluminium oxide
  • Tougher than fused aluminium oxide, very robust
  • For sanding very robust and solid material
  • Recommended for: sanding hard lacquers, paint, acrylic glass and composite material, but also for treating wood

Fused aluminium oxide
  • A high percentage of aluminium oxide makes it especially hard and rough
  • Excellent abrasive performance and long service life
  • Recommended for: all-purpose abrasive
    Used with the MENZER Ultranet®, where it helps guarantee a next to dust free work process
Zirconia alumina
  • Mixture of aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide
  • Very robust and exceptionally tough
  • Advantages: high abrasive rate, long service life, does not wear out as quickly
  • Recommended for: treating hard wood

Silicon carbide
  • Less tough, but extremely robust and exceptionally sharp edged
  • Recommended for: treating hard and tough material, e.g. mineral material
  • High abrasive rate and elevated life span due to self sharpening capacities
  • Aggressive sanding properties
  • Recommended for: Treating extensive surfaces of hard wood floors

Coarse, medium or fine – where to best apply different types of abrasives

The unit for measuring the gradation of abrasives is called "Mesh": The smaller the number, the coarser the gradation and abrasion rate. Different areas of application ensue

Coarse gradation: 6 – 30

  • Recommended for: Sanding wallpaper residue with drywall sanders, rectifying of uneven surfaces, e.g. scratched parquet

Medium gradation: 36 – 80

  • Recommended for: Refining a surface, preparing further work steps, e.g. varnishing

Fine gradation: 100 – 180

  • Recommended for: sanding wood or preparing surfaces for waxing or oiling procedures

Very fine gradation: 220 and more

  • Recommended for: polishing coated, varnished or moiréed surfaces