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Sanding Belts 75 x 533 mm
Equipment manufacturer
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  • 75 x 533 mm
  • aluminium oxide
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  • 75 x 533 mm
  • zirconium aluminium oxide
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  • 75 x 533 mm
  • aluminium oxide
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Buy reasonably priced 75 x 533 mm sanding belts on Miotools.co.uk

Miotools.co.uk offers high quality 75 x 533 mm sanding belts for all customary belt sanders. The MioTools and MENZER brand sanding belts convince due to their long service life spans.

Which grit size to choose for belt sanding?

Belt sanding is not only about renewing old surfaces, but it is also used in preparing wooden floors for waxing, varnishing and oiling. For an optimal sanding result, not only the right material but also the abrasive’s grits size is important. For treating wooden floors one usually uses G36 to G120 grit sizes.

75 x 533 mm sanding belts with a 36 grit size are especially suitable for primary sanding of wooden floors. For preparing wooden floors for waxing and oiling we offer a 120 grit size abrasive.

75x533 mm hook and loop sanding belts of various abrasive types

75 x 533 mm sized hook and loop sanding belts are available in the materials regular corundum and zirconia corundum: Zirconia corundum abrasives are extremely resistant and stand out due to their exceptional hardness. The microcrystalline structure of the material keeps developing chafers for a self-sharpening effect. The material is recommended for sanding metal polish, hard varnish and extensive hardwood floor surfaces.

Normal corundum is a highly versatile abrasive and is suitable primarily for sanding coniferous wood floors and in some cases also hard wood floors. Importantly, the sanding belts wooden floors do not contain any iron, since this would cause staining on wood that contains tanning agents such as oak or chestnut wood.

A quick overview of the advantages:

  • High quality 75 x 533 sanding belts for all customary belt sanders by for example AEG, Bosch, Einhell and Metabo
  • Grit size spectrum; G36 to G120
  • Ideal for wood and hard wood
  • Materials: Zirconia corundum and regular corundum
  • Even sanding result and very high abrasion rate
  • Robust supporting materials and synthetic resin based adhesive agents only
  • High quality MENZER brand less costly MioTools house brand