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Sanding Pads

Buy reasonably priced sanding pads for all customary single disc sanders

MioTools.co.uk offers a large array of MENZER sanding pad types for all customary single disc sanders - from Kärcher to Numatic and MENZER. The pads are also suitable for manual wood treatment.

Which polishing or sanding pads to choose for wood and parquet floor maintenance and cleaning?

MioTools.co.uk offers various high quality polyester polishing and sanding pads. We here introduce our assortment of pads so that you can obtain an optimal result for wood and parquet maintenance and cleaning jobs:

  • Black: These sanding pads stand out due to their strong abrasive quality and durability. The abrasive is used for severe pollution and as a supporting pad for sanding meshes and double sanding machines.
  • Green: These sanding pads are mildly abrasive and possess a durable texture. The pads are optimal for cleaning up lightly and medium polluted surfaces.
  • Red: In contrast to the green pads, this type of pads is not abrasive. The material helps remove dirt from mildly polluted surfaces.
  • Beige: These pads are not abrasive, but very soft and absorbent. The beige pads are used for polishing parquet and wooden floors.
  • White: The white pads are polishing pads, they are ideal for oiling and maintaining parquet and wooden floors.

Pads of different materials & of various thicknesses

We offer more pads for oiling, polishing and cleaning of parquet floors: wool pads are made of synthetic fibers and are ideal for spreading floor wax. Felt pads absorb excess oil and can be used for polishing parquet. In addition to parquet and wood floors one can also treat banisters, tables and stairways as well as outside wood.

But with sanding pads it’s not only about the material, but also about the size. As a general rule the thicker the pad, the greater its performance. The MENZER-sanding pads on MioTools.co.uk come in 10 mm ("normal pad") thickness and in 22-25 mm thickness ("super pad").

Application examples for sanding and polishing pads

For example, a green polishing pad of normal thickness is the ideal choice for treating a more deeply polluted and damaged, but already sealed parquet floor. After cleaning the parquet is then protected by a new layer of sealing material. Choose the appropriate sanding or polishing pads according to your specific needs:

  • Intermediate sanding of a varnished parquet surface: black pad
  • Basic cleaning of parquet and wood floors: green pad
  • Dirt and oil removal: red pad
  • Oil removal from parquet and wood floors: beige or white pad