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Sanding Fleeces

Buy reasonably priced sanding fleeces for all customary tool types

MioTools.co.uk offers high quality sanding fleeces for all customary sanding machines – for single disc sanders, delta sanders or manual sanders. The product range comprises abrasives of various grin types, sizes and grades of hardness for nearly all sanding procedures. The sanding fleeces are equipped with a hook and loop system allowing for their speedy replacement and stable attachment to the grinding plate.

The all-rounders among abrasives

MioTools.co.uk sanding fleeces are ideal for dulling shiny surfaces, intermediate grinding of prime coats and roughening different materials for an optimized varnish adhesion. We offer high quality fleece fabric abrasives in rolls of 115 mm x 10 m for all customary manual sanders and sanding fleece support mechanisms. Discs for random orbital and delta sanders are available in coarse, medium, fine and polishing grit sizes.

Abrasive sanding fleeces for single disc machines are ideal for treating wooden floors. A choice of different grit sizes helps individualize the sanding process. The use of sanding fleeces is especially recommended for priming and varnishing surfaces and obtaining a homogenous, clean surface.

Coarse or fine – how to choose the right sanding fleece?

The choice the sanding fleece’s grit size depends on the specifics of the sanding procedure envisaged. Please never forget that each type of material reacts differently and always start your work on a later invisible spot of the work piece.

  • Coarse: A coarse grit size is ideal for removing dirt and rust and for primary sanding and smoothing of wood.
  • Medium: Medium grit sized sanding fleeces are suitable for primary sanding of paint and varnish and for smoothing over glazed or etched wood.
  • Fine and very fine: Fine grit sizes are perfect for intermediate grinding and for dulling varnished surfaces. Very fine grit sized are employed in applying polishing varnish to doors or furniture.