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Sandpaper for Hand Belt Sanders

Get sanding belts for your belt sander right here at

MioTools has the right sanding belt for your belt sander. The online shop offers low-cost sanding belts in grit sizes G36 to G120 in aluminium oxide and zirconium aluminium oxide. Depending on the grit type and size you choose, these sanding belts can be used for the grinding of wood, metal, plastic, plaster, joint filler, paint or varnish.

Sanding belts for belt sanders by Bosch, Makita and many more

You own a belt sander by Bosch, Einhell or Hitachi? No problem! MioTools offers abrasives for all commercial belt sanders. The online shop offers sanding belts in the following sizes:

Sanding Belts 75 x 533 mm for belt sanders
Sanding belts 40 mm x 303 mm for belt sanders
Sanding belts 75 mm x 457 mm for belt sanders
Sanding belts 100 mm x 610 mm for belt sanders

Sandpaper for belt sanders – grinding wood and metal

Belt sanders are most commonly used on wood. The best abrasive for the job is aluminium oxide. That is why MioTools offers a range of sanding belts for belt sanders in aluminium oxide. This sanding belt can also be used for grinding paint, varnish and metal. Aluminium oxide sanding belts are also perfectly suitable for the grinding of plastic or plaster.

Belt sanders are also used for metal grinding. The high rotational speed and good abrasive performance of belt sanders makes them a good choice for removing rust. Zirconium aluminium oxide and aluminium oxide are excellent abrasives for metal grinding. MioTools therefore offers a wide range of zirconium aluminium oxide sanding belts for belt sanders:

  • Zirconium aluminium oxide sanding belts for belt sanders
  • Aluminium oxide sanding belts for belt sanders

Belt sanders are very effective on wood

During operation, the sanding belt runs over two rollers on the belt sander. The sanding belt rotated around the rollers at a speed of around 180 to 400 metres per minute. The abrasive performance is therefore very high. It is this great abrasive performance that makes belt sanders the perfect tool choice for wood grinding. The sanding results are linear and perfectly plane. The flip side of the high abrasion speed is that an incorrect use of the belt sander can result in uneven surfaces. Belt sanders are not suitable for grinding corners or curves.