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Sanding Meshes 225 mm

Buy reasonably priced Ø 225 mm sanding meshes on Miotools.co.uk

Miotools.co.uk offers high quality Ø 225 mm sanding meshes for all customary long neck and drywall sanders such as Festool, MENZER, or Einhell. The MENZER and MioTools brand sanding meshes convince due to their extremely extended service life and precise sanding results. 225 mm sanding meshes are used for drywall construction procedures such as preparing painting and varnishing jobs as well as sanding dry wall.

MENZER Ultranet®– efficient sanding without fine dust pollution

The innovative MENZER Ultranet® 225 mm hook and loop sanding meshes are universally applicable and very dust permeable. The special mesh structure allows for an efficient sanding dust suction process and the work piece’s surface remains clean. Ultranet®is made of very high quality special fused corundum, which convinces due to its long service life and always highly elevated abrasive power.

MENZER Ultranet®– clean and cost efficient

  • Visibly reduced dust development in comparison to normal abrasives
  • Applicable to all perforation and tool types thanks to its special mesh structure
  • Long service life and constantly high abrasive power

The universally applicable Ultranet®allows for a flexible employment with machines by various manufacturers. The practical hook and loop system makes the sanding meshes speedily replaceable.

225 mm special fused corundum and silicon carbide hook and loop sanding meshes

All sanding meshes of 225 mm diameter are available of silicon carbide and special fused corundum. Special fused corundum convinces due to its extreme hardness and very long service life. When put under strain, the grains‘ brittle surface splinters resulting in a self-sharpening effect.

Silicon carbide equally possesses self-sharpening properties and stands out due to its especially sharp-edged crystalline structure. The sharp-edged silicon carbide grain is used for treating hard and resistant surface materials such as spattling compound and old varnish. This grain type is also used for the MENZER Net, which stands due to its highly elevated sanding efficiency and very precise sanding results.

On Miotools.co.uk we offer sanding meshes by our less costly house brand MioTools and by MENZER. All abrasives are available in very fine, fine, medium and coarse grit sizes. As a rule, the sanding mesh becomes finer with higher grit size numbers.

A quick overview of our products‘ advantages:

  • 225 mm sanding meshes fit all customary drywall sanders, long neck sanders and sanding giraffes by for instance Flex, Festool and MENZER
  • Grit size spectrum: G40 to G400
  • Materials: Special fused corundum and silicon carbide
  • Quick replacement thanks to a hook and loop system
  • Constant sanding power and long service life
  • Dust reduce work due to an optimal absorption of sanding dust
  • Reduced dust settlement on the work piece and reduced dust pollution of the air