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Sanding Discs 115 mm

Buy reasonably priced hook and loop Ø 115 mm sanding discs on Miotools.co.uk

Miotools.co.uk offers high quality Ø 115 mm sanding discs of various material, grit size and degrees of hardness for all customary random orbital sanders. The MioTools and MENZER brand 115 mm sanding discs convince due to their long service life and a perfect sanding result.

The right material – from rough grinding to finishing work

On Miotools.co.uk you can find 115 mm diameter sanding discs of all customary grain types – corundum, corundum with stearate or silicon carbide. You will always find the right material depending on their employment purpose:

Regular corundum and corundum with stearate coating are an universally applicable abrasives usually employed for sanding wood, paint and varnish. The continuous self-sharpening effect of zirconia corundum allows for a comparatively long service life and is very suitable for treating hard wood. Semi-friable corundum is used for sanding hard varnish, paint and plexiglass.

Sanding discs made of sharp edged silicon carbide are used for treating hard and resistant materials such as mineral material. Small pieces break off the grain regularly due to their microcrystalline structure so that the edges keep self-sharpening during application.

115 mm sanding discs – coarse or fine grit sizes?

We offer all 115 mm hook and loop sanding discs in various grit sizes, as well as in 8-hole perforated or non-perforated versions. The sanding discs can be flexibly used for tools of many manufacturers such as Bosch, Einhell, Fein or Peugeot.

On Miotools.co.uk you find high quality MENZER brand sanding discs as well as sanding discs by our less expensive house brand MioTools. Universally applicable abrasives such us our sanding fleeces or sanding meshes can be flexibly used with machines by many different manufacturers.

Examples of use for different grit sizes

When choosing the right grit size, think that the sanding paper becomes finer with an increasing grain number.

  • Coarse grit size (16-36): Removal of paint, glue and wall paper residue
  • Medium grit size (36-80): Basic sanding of wood floors, breaking of wood borders
  • Fine grit size (100-180): Preparing oiling and waxing of parquet floors
  • Very fine grit size (220): Finishing and polishing primed and varnished surfaces

Dust protection during sanding

Sanding procedures lead to the abrasion and diffusion of fine dust material that could strain the airway. The more important become preventive dust protection measures during sanding. Sanding machines usually come with an integrated dust suction system, but connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner helps really drastically reduce fine dust pollution. By putting up a PP fleece on the door, one can prevent the dust from spreading into other rooms.