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Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners
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  • Powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Innovative multi-cyclone separation system
  • Self-cleaning filter
  • Incl. extensive accessories
from £225.00
  • Professional wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • Fully automated filter cleaning
  • Auto-start feature for sanders
  • Electronic fill level monitoring
from £400.00
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Wet and dry vacuum cleaners – the vacuum cleaner all-rounders

MioTools.co.uk offers high-performance and efficient wet and dry vacuum cleaners for a great variety of employment areas and uses. With MENZER wet and dry vacuum cleaners you are always perfectly equipped. Large amounts of dry dust accumulate rapidly during dry wall construction and renovation.

Universally applicable maintenance professionals

  • All professional vacuum cleaners are suitable for wet or dry use and meet the highest standards of industrial work. No matter if dry, humid or liquid debris – our vacuum cleaners are perfectly adapted to all possible requirements.
  • The automatic filter maintenance guarantees for a constantly high suction power also in case of great amounts of fine dust.
  • We additionally offer a large array of accessories so that you can extend your working possibilities to effective maintenance and cleaning jobs.

MENZER wet and dry vacuum cleaners developed for professional and private use

The MENZER VC 760 and MENZER VC 790 PRO wet and dry vacuum cleaners were especially developed for constant use in a professional setting of dry wall construction and renovation. The automatic filter maintenance guarantees a constantly elevated suction performance and allows for continual work without replacing the filter even when dealing with large amounts of fine dust. The plastic container retains up to 25 or 35 liters and such is ideal for greater amounts of debris.

MENZER tools meet the highest demand of the industry and they are universally applicable due to a variety of accessories. All machines come with various accessories such as floor nozzles, joint nozzles or a telescope tube. The all-rounders can be used as wet or dry vacuum cleaners and effortlessly remove dry as well as liquid debris. The reusable MENZER fleece filter bag is part of the delivery scope and can be easily emptied.

MENZER tools additionally offer an electronic fluid level monitor. Thus is guaranteed the maximum filling level is not exceeded during wet suction. The machine is automatically switched off upon reaching the maximum level and the fluids can be comfortably disposed of.

Dry vacuum cleaners: ideal for painters and dry wall construction

The dry vacuum cleaners on MioTools.co.uk are especially developed for painting and dry wall construction needs. Modern filters guarantee a constant suction performance when removing debris and dust at workshops, storage buildings or construction sites. All industrial cleaners are equipped with large collecting containers and stand out due to their highly elevated suction performance.

The MENZER VC 790 PRO is perfectly suitable for professional employment in dry wall construction. Equipped with an innovative filter maintenance system and a continuous speed regulation, the vacuum cleaner also convinces with its start and stop automatic for controlling the cleaner by a connected electronic device.

Wet vacuum cleaners: The specialists among cleaners

The wet vacuum cleaners on MioTools.co.uk absorb large quantities of liquids effortlessly. The strong all-round cleaners easily remove liquid and humid debris at construction sites and workshops. The suction performance remains equally elevated even after absorbing larger amounts of liquids.

Maintenance professionals such as the MENZER VC 760 and the MENZER VC 790 PRO are applicable for dry as well as wet cleaning procedures. The suction performance remains constantly elevated even after absorbing coarse pieces of debris and large quantities of water. The automatic filling level monitor guarantees that the machines automatically switch off once the maximum filling level has been reached. The tools’ compact design convinces with a performance that even professionals would recommend.