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filter bags (5 Pcs.)
  • for MENZER VC 620 M / VC 660 M
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Vacuum cleaner bags and fleece filter bags for all customary industrial vacuum cleaners offers a great variety of vacuum cleaners such as the MENZER industrial vacuum cleaner, wet and dry cleaners as well as professional cleaners by other producers. We have the fitting dust bags and fleece filter bags for all MENZER tools. Our high quality vacuum cleaner bags stand out due to their elevated tear resistance and they also dependably retain fine dust.

Paper filter bags and fleece filter bags for all MENZER machines: a clean solution

On you can find fitting filter paper bags for the MENZER VC 660 M backpack vacuum cleaner and extremely tear resistant fleece filter bags for the MENZER VC 760 and the MENZER VC 790 PRO. The fleece filter bags are especially small meshed and dependably retain sanding dust – for dust reduced working and extended employment during dry wall construction! The dust bags can be easily emptied and reused.

Advantages of the MENZER fleece filter bags

  • High quality and tear resistant fleece filter bags with an elevated dust retention level
  • For the MENZER VC 760 and the VC 790 PRO
  • Considerably prolonged vacuum cleaning in comparison to customary paper filter bags
  • Very good price-performance ratio due to reusability
  • Dust free working, even under extreme conditions

The MENZER vacuum cleaner bags are made of a tear resistant fleece material and stand out due to their strong dust retention abilities. The fleece filter bags convince with their great absorption volume and they are an environment friendly alternative to paper filter bags since they can be easily reused. The special fleece coating reduces dust development to a minimum.

Also under maximal stress, such as when absorbing small amounts of construction waste or wet waste (potting soil), the bags are not damaged. The suction filter and the machine remain clean and do not need to be continuously maintained. With the practical closing system, changing the fleece filter bags becomes an easy and very clean task!